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About Mega Teamway

Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd is a successful company which supplies high quality wood products to meet a wide range of specifications. Established in 2006, Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd is based in Sungai Gadut, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Among these few years, Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd has positioned itself over the years as one of the reliable manufacturer of wooden pallets, wooden crates, wooden cable drum and wooden boxes. Pallet, crates, cable drum and boxes that manufactured by Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd are custom made to meet all of our customer specific requirement and size.

Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd itself have sawmill facilities that enables us to cut rough saw timber into various sizes which later will be manufactured in to wooden pallets, wooden crates, wooden cable drum and wooden boxes. Our timber is mainly supplied by a local supplier and hence allows us to maintain an inventory of raw materials at hand in order to meet demands.

Heat Treatment


Mega TeamwaySndBhd complies with the ISPM 15 standard – “International Standard Phytosanitary Measures for Wood Packaging” by providing Heat Treatment Services for the export of wooden pallets and wood packaging materials.

In order to comply with the export regulations on “Wood Packaging Materials”, MTW also offers Heat Treatment Services according to the ISPM 15 standrads, i.e IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention, on wooden pallets and wood packaging materials as set forth in the guidelines issued by the Department Agriculture in Malaysia. Our allocated certification mark for stamping on all heat treated wooden pallets, crates and is “MY-060HT”


Continuosly provide the best product and service to our customer.
Competitive, productive and always ready to serve our customer.
To maintain as one of the best quality pallet, cable drum and kiln drying services company.
We grow with the market in order to provide the good service and quality product expecting from us.